There’s a lovely expression that says it takes a village to raise a child. From our experience it also takes a village (or at the very least many members of that village) to get the container to Cambodia.

Our Facebook page “Countdown to Cambodia” is one way we let those interested know what and when help is needed.  The page regularly lists

  • tasks needing to be done (such as washing strollers that will be given to families with a disabled toddler),
  • items to be sourced (anything from muffin pans to electronic keyboards), and
  • dates for working bee days to, for example, pack Wrap with Love blankets, or sort and pack books.

You can click here to join that FB page.

Coming to Cambodia

Over the years people have asked if they can join us on trips to Cambodia. We so appreciate the caring hearts that come with these requests.

As you can imagine, the time we spend in Cambodia is exceptionally busy as we unpack the container, distribute over 200 boxes and spend time with those who run the 30+ agencies REECH supports. There really isn’t time to be tour guides for those coming for a visit. Those who do come with us come to fill very specific roles in agencies that have asked for training in certain areas. We have, for example, taken across a maths teacher to do in-service training for the teachers in schools REECH supports as well as nurses to instruct young women in how to use the Days for Girls kits. We also take across a team of carefully selected women to run retreats for women leaders in Phnom Penh and again this is a very specific task calling for specific skills. If you’re keen to come and feel your skills and training might fit please feel free to contact us and we can chat.

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