Her smile tells it all!

January 11, 20181 min readLatest News

Srey Nin is a young girl with cerebral palsy living in a remote part of Pursat province. When we first met her several years ago Srey Nin spent her time sitting absently in her wheelchair. She wasn’t able to attend school and nothing was done to stimulate or engage her. Her sparkling eyes suggested however she was a bright button.

REECH Cambodia decided that if she wasn’t able to attend school then a way had to be found to take school to her.
Arrangement were made for a home tutor to visit her several times a week.

When we last visited her she was a different girl. She was dressed in her school uniform and wearing the biggest smile possible. She stood at her desk in front of a white board that had been set up in a space for her and her tutor. She was excited and chatty, eager to show off how she could read her alphabet and do simple sums. It was so very rewarding to see the difference accessing education was making in her life.

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